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Even More Uses for QuestFields

This page contains simple demos of QuestFields configured to access information stored in a standard SQL database. The QuestFields Server is configured to perform a simple "autocomplete" query as you type.

Regardless of your database (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc) and regardless of the number of records, QuestFields make it a snap to publish information on the Internet. No changes are needed to your database or website layout, and your website designers can make it happen with no programming whatsoever!

Car Finder

This demo works in virtually all browsers by automatically selecting Flash or AJAX technology. Additional CarFinder demos:

(configured to use Adobe Flash)

Morgan Stanley
Branch Locator

Princeton University
Site Index


(configured to use Adobe Flash)


*These demos are based on unmodified public data and third-party websites available on the Internet. This is considered "fair use" under U.S. copyright law. No endorsement or affiliation with these respective companies is implied.

Because of our use of public third-party websites, a demo may fail to load if that third-party website is unavailable or if it was modified. Thank you for contacting us if you found a demo that no longer works. The QuestFields were tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows and Mac), Firefox (all platforms), Safari (Mac), Google Chrome, Netscape (Windows and Mac) and Mozilla (Windows and Linux).

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