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Welcome to QuestFields

Let QuestFields technology bring your websites into the age of "Web 2.0" and "SOA" with no programming whatsoever! Click on the images below to see how QuestFields enhance information access on your Internet and intranet sites.

QuestFields work in virtually any browser. Mobile QuestFields are optimized for use on mobile devices such as the iPhone. You can even configure QuestFields to run everywhere: Embedded into your site (supporting browsers as far back as Internet Explorer 5.5 all the way up to IE8, Firefox Safari 4 and Google Chrome), or full-page, providing breakthrough search performance on mobile devices. Publish your information once... and access it from anywhere!

With QuestFields, your customers will find the information they are looking for -- with amazing speed and ease.

Mobile QuestField Demos

QuestField Solutions

Embed QuestFields into any web page to enhance searching for information. You can easily configure each QuestField so it retrieves information from your database, search engine, file, web service, etc. The following links provide access to over 100 demos based on third-party websites.

ProductFinder QuestFields

PeopleFinder QuestFields

Even More Uses

Most of our demos are based on public data and third-party websites available on the Internet. This is considered "fair use" under U.S. copyright law. No endorsement or affiliation with these respective companies is implied.

QuestField Prototypes

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