Test Drive the PeopleFinder QuestField!

This web page is an anonymous simulation of the corporate intranet site of one of the world's top ten technology corporations. A PeopleFinder QuestField is currently deployed on this corporation's global intranet to provide direct, virtually instantaneous access to a remote database containing the personnel records of the corporation's 150,000 employees around the world. The PeopleFinder is used approximately 100,000 times a day and has successfully served more than 40 million queries per year.

The PeopleFinder on this web page (top right) functions exactly the same as the PeopleFinder on the technology corporation's intranet site, and it searches a remote LDAP database that is identical to the technology corporation's personnel database except that the employee names have been scrambled. The scrambled database contains over 150,000 employee records and is hosted on a MasterObjects server located in The Netherlands.

Intranet Website Simulation by MasterObjects, Inc.  To search for people, type three or more characters into the PeopleFinder field. A literal search on first name is performed if you only type one or two characters.   (This demo was optimized for use with Flash Player, but does not require it in modern browsers.  QuestField copyright © 2008 MasterObjects.  U.S. and international patents pending.  For more information, please email us)

QuestFields enable a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous users of web browser applications to have virtually instantaneous access to any data stored on any database located anywhere in the world. Each QuestField is a dynamic, secure, stable, highly-scalable “field-to-server” system that uses dedicated, totally secure content channels to create a highly efficient “data tunnel” through the Internet.

QuestFields comply with established Internet standards, work seamlessly on over 99% of all versions of all web browsers, are compatible with all major operating systems, pass through firewalls, and run smoothly alongside virtually any server application.

QuestFields can be added to a web page as easily as adding an image. No redesign of web pages or rewriting of application code is required.